A digital guestbook

The Wibit wave is on its way around the world. Dive in and become part of the Community.

A digital guestbook

The Wibit wave is on its way around the world. Dive in and become part of the Community. 

Making people happy is one of Wibit´s core values. With products in more than 60 countries worldwide it is not easy to get all the reactions and feedback from the end users for whom the products are designed. In order to see some of this happiness the Wibit Community has been created: a collection of pictures, videos and comments about the beloved playgrounds on the water.

Social media constantly surrounds us.  It is not only teenagers who take their smartphone everywhere they go or who record their action activities with the GoPro. Everybody wants to share his greatest experiences, holiday adventures and athletic challenges these days. The Wibit Community enables sharing your own Wibit experience with the whole world and interchange with other wibitized fun addicts.

“There is so much buzz about Wibit online which we wanted to show on one single platform” says Annika Paus, Marketing Manager at Wibit Sports. “New business contacts keep asking us for references to assure themselves about the fun of Wibit. One glance at our Community and they are convinced of how much people all around the world enjoy themselves on our floating playgrounds.” 

The new marketing tool collects keywords via hashtag (#) from different social networks and brings them together in the Wibit Community. “It is like a digital guest book” the Marketing Manager describes, “People inscribe with pictures and videos in the networks they prefer (Instagram being the no. one social network right now) and leave their comments about the great time they had on the Wibit. This is a great feedback and gives us confidence that we are on the right track, product- and social-wise.”

Scrolling down on the social page, 1000 posts can be seen, liked and shared again with new ones coming in every day. So the next time you are on a Wibit, take a picture or make a video and mark it with #wibit to become part of the Community and share your experience with like-minded people and Wibit fans from all around the globe!

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Die Wibit Community zeigt dir was derzeit in der Welt von #Wibit passiert.

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